India's exciting 2024 t20 world cup triumph against australia has sparked joy throughout the nation. In addition to guaranteeing India's place in the semi-finals, the victory caused a flurry of excitement on social media. The delhi Police's clever post on X stuck out among the many happy greetings, showcasing their sense of timing and comedy.
The delhi Police tweeted shortly after India's victory, stating, "This Just In: 11 indian men have'stolen' over a billion hearts in a 'hits-and-runs' incident in the Caribbean." An first investigation identifies the motivation as being 19/11 retaliation. The internet was captivated by the ingenious allusion to the match date and India's triumph. The post has garnered over 260k views and tons of reactions. people couldn’t stop lauding delhi Police’s subtle sense of humour.

Fans were thrilled when the indian side, captained by Rohit Sharma, defeated australia by 24 runs in their Super 8 match. The delhi Police have previously shared amusing and topical posts about their post-match festivities. The country is still pulling together for india as they get ready to play england in the semi-finals at Providence Stadium in Guyana. They are looking forward to more unforgettable moments on and off the pitch.


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