A qualified MCA wears passion on her sleeve as she sets out to achieve her dreams through the field of teaching children by founding VIBHA education SERVICES CORP. She translated her love for teaching and adding value to children’s lives through various workshops where she not only enhances communication between the parents and children. She also helps them deal with challenges such as bullying, peer pressure and stress and thereby fostering a ‘real’ and ‘confident’ personality in the child.

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She says each child is unique, and has right to education, play and health. She nurtures emotional stability devoid of insecurities, judgments and fears that can limit the child from reaching its zenith.

Through Vibha, Harini’s vision of creating a channel that boasts of nurturing emotionally strong children complemented by intellectual concept formations in her workshops and coaching sessions that include working on confidence, self-image and self-esteem building, improving memory and concentration where she holds their hand when they stumble through mental blocks leading them to where they truly ought to be.

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