Do you know the real age of Arul Annachi? His only daughter had a grand wedding.
In general, the advertisements broadcasted on television are well received by the people. Not only the actors acting in this advertisement but also the objects and people actors will become famous. Moreover, we have seen that actors and actresses have acted in various advertisements. saravana Stores ad is one of the most talked about ads among fans.There is no place without saravana Stores in various cities in tamil Nadu. From textiles to home appliances, saravana Stores has a wide range of products.
Arul has become very popular among the fans by wearing colorful clothes in the advertisement for the shop. saravana Arula, who acted in this ad, was admired by many netizens.
However, he danced with many actresses like Hansika and Tamannaah. Namma saravana Stores Annachi, who dabbled in advertising, has now ventured into cinema with 'The Legend' Stores.
The film in which he is acting is directed by JD-Jerry, the director duo of the popular serial. This movie was released recently

Harish Jayaraj composed music for the film. He has composed music at a huge cost. The trailer and songs of the upcoming movie were released and went viral on social media. The film team had planned to release this film in July. The work was in progress. Meanwhile, the movie The legend was released in theaters on July 28.
Madurai Anbuch Chezhiyan has bought the publishing rights of this film for a huge amount and released the film in tamil Nadu. Only legend Saravanan has got the honor of being the first film to pay more than the first film and released in more than 800 theaters. Some people are praising Annachi's efforts. Some people are bashing his performance.
Go with your group of friends, laugh out loud, this movie is a great stress buster, netizens keep commenting that you can't stop laughing. Although Annachi is tried to look young in the film, she is 51 years old. Moreover, his daughter is married. Arul Annachi conducted it in a grand manner.

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