This young hero doesn't understand that releasing back-to-back movies won't assist in any way, despite the fact that he is producing typical masala fare back to back. We're referring about Aadi Pudipeddi, son of sai kumar of "Police Story" fame, who has been releasing movies nonstop. This hero just released the film "Tees Maar Khan," which received lacklustre reviews. Very little of it was released. Due to the offensive material they have created, by the end of the first weekend, the movie is almost completely gone from all of the theatres.

After a month, Aadi saikumar is finally releasing the movie "Crazy Fellow," whose trailer and songs are being periodically released in anticipation of its october 14th premiere. Not content with that, a teaser for yet another Aadi movie has also been revealed. The teaser for the movie, titled "CSI Sanathan," suggested that it was influenced by movies like Viswaksen's HIT. One wonders why this young hero is moving so quickly while missing possibilities to take advantage of them by picking the appropriate storylines.

Aadi sai kumar, a young actor from Tollywood, is at the height of his powers. He has four or five intriguing films in development, and a few of them will shortly be released on enormous screens. Recently, the 'Intense Peek' trailer for his new film, "CSI Sanatan," was released, raising anticipation for the picture. The powerful peek promo was also posted by Aadi sai kumar, who gave his admirers a gift. Look at this!

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