Deepika Padukone's elevations in romantic scenes go without saying. The way she plays romantic scenes with star heroes as well as young heroes is very interesting. Her shorts and bikini costumes opens the discussion. It is known that the Besharam song in 'Pathan' caused a stir. Her saffron colored bikini created a big stir in the BJP. In this background, deepika is getting ready to entertain in a romantic song once again. 

It is known that Hrithik Roshan's 'Fighter' under the direction of siddharth anand is hitting the screens. deepika is playing the heroine in this. The unit, which was shooting in mumbai till yesterday, has recently left for Italy. A new schedule is being maintained in the beauty of Italy. A romantic song will be shot on Hrithik-Deepika here. All three songs went to italy for some key scenes. As part of this, a romantic song is being shot first. Blasko Martis is doing the choreography. deepika will look beautiful in this song.

 Special clothes have been designed for the song. She will look more glamorous in the song. It seems that Hrithik will impress with his realistic performance as part of the song. It is to be seen in which range the beauty of her elevates. A solo song will be shot on Hrithik after this song. Team Dhima expresses that the songs rendered by vishal Dadlani-Shekhar Rao Giani will be a special attraction of the film.

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