The state minister, Dharmana Prasada Rao, provided some rationales for the idea of having three capitals and designating vizag as the administrative capital. Any city might be referred to as the capital, he said, but the location where government is carried out would be regarded as the capital. The activities take place in Cuttack, despite the fact that Bhuvneshwar is referred to as Odisha's capital.

He emphasised that there are eight states in the nation where the supreme court is located in one place and the administration in another. He enquired as to who was pushing for a single capital region in those states. In his statement during the door-to-door campaign, Dharmana stated that it is the responsibility of the populace to safeguard vizag as the administrative capital of the state.

Vizag will serve as the primary capital of the state, with kurnool and amaravati handling the corresponding administrative duties, he made clear. He also questioned if Chennai, which is not at Tamilnadu's geographic centre, can still be considered the state's prosperous capital. hyderabad was not at the geographic centre of the merged ap state, he recalled as well. Additionally, he emphasised how the capitals of West bengal and maharashtra were not located in the geographic centre of their respective states.

Dharmana declared: "In this case, connectivity is key. There is an airport and a maritime port in Vizag. The railroad zone is likewise developing. vizag will also draw such substantial investments, just like how private capital helped make hyderabad bigger ". He ended by declaring, "Making vizag the capital is YS jagan Mohan Reddy's sole goal. There is adequate land for the future capital zone to be 500 acres ".

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