In chhattisgarh state, a government official released around 41 lakh liters of water stored for agricultural irrigation to search for his mobile phone that he had lost in a dam. The official found his phone after releasing water from the dam for three consecutive days.

The incident took place in the state's Kergata dam. The reason for this is Rajesh Viswas, who is working as a food officer in Koilibeda circle in Kanker district. He had come to Kergata dam area last sunday to spend his vacation. Then he lost his samsung S23 phone in the water stored in the dam. The price of the phone is Rs.96,000. The incident took place while trying to take a selfie. At that time there was 15 feet of water in the dam.

He has spoken to the officials of the irrigation department in this regard. He has said that his phone contains important government data, so he needs to recover the phone anyway. The trapped water is pumped out by a continuous 30 horsepower engine pump. A total of 41 lakh liters of water is reported. The water is being discharged in the irrigation channel next to the dam.

The work of draining the water started last monday evening. The work was stopped on Thursday. About 1,500 acres of agricultural land is irrigated from this dam. Subsequently, Rajesh Viswas has been suspended from duty.

According to the government, the water released from the dam is completely unsuitable for irrigation. Similarly, Vishwas's phone, which was searched, seems to be out of order due to being in water for a long time.

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