Team india opener prithvi Shah is once again in the news. He was seen in public with his girlfriend nidhi Tapadia. prithvi Shah attended the IIFA awards ceremony with his girlfriend. His photos with his girlfriend on the green carpet are currently going viral.

While he was in black jeans with a black sleeveless jacket, his girlfriend nidhi Tapadia was also seen in a black saree of the same color. netizens are making comments saying that if they look at each other in black, it is as if they are made for each other.

Prithvi Shah, who was a key member of the delhi Capitals team in the IPL, did not play a key role in the team's affairs even in a single match. As prithvi Shah is now attending the event with his girlfriend, some fans of the delhi team are trolling by expressing their displeasure.

Prithvi Shah, who played a wonderful innings for a year in domestic cricket, failed miserably when he came to IPL, fans are expressing their grief. Some fans of the IPL team on social media are trolling prithvi Shah while others are appreciating that they are a good couple.

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