The Southern Railway officials said that they are considering to take up the 4th track between Chennai-Egmore-Coast without affecting the Velachery flying train service.

The most important suburban rail route in chennai is the tambaram - chennai Coast line. This route has only 3 lanes between chennai beach and Egmore. 2 of these routes are operated by suburban electric trains. Express trains or freight trains run on a track. Due to the non-existence of the 4th railway line, it is not possible to run additional trains or run freight trains at specific times.

Apart from this, the trains to the northern states are mostly operated from chennai Central railway station, so the Central railway station is always overcrowded. In order to decongest here, a new route is needed to run trains from tambaram via Egmore railway station to northern states.

In this case, 4.3 km between chennai beach and Egmore. A fund of Rs.96.70 crore has been allocated in the current year's central budget for the construction of the 4th new road. The Railway Administration has taken steps to start this new railway project as soon as possible.

In this case, information has been released that it has been decided to change the chennai beach - Velachery flying train service for the 4th route works. According to this, it was decided to operate the flying electric trains operating between Velachery – Coast from 1st July to 31st january for 7 months only up to Chepakkam. This order is currently on hold.

In this regard, the officials said, "There is a possibility of carrying out the 4th track between Chennai-Egmore and beach without affecting the Velachery flying train service. Velachery flying train service is used by a large number of people. If it is cancelled, there is a possibility that the people will be affected in a big way. Therefore, as an alternative to this, "It has been decided to consult with the Municipal Transport Corporation regarding the work to be done. Also, studies are being conducted regarding the implementation of the project to carry out the work without affecting the Velachery flyover train service," they said.

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