Tom Cruise's Best Roles-Tribute to hollywood Star!!!


Tom Cruise is still young. He is truly enjoying his best life, as seen by his recent enjoyment at Glastonbury and attendance at Taylor Swift's Eras Tour concert in London. Cruise has always kept us entertained throughout his career. The hollywood icon's career is proof of his diligence, commitment to mastering his profession, and love for the work he does for the public good. Let's discuss the top ten roles the actor has played to date as he approaches his 62nd birthday.

Designed in America (2017)

The hilarious (and real) exploits of a hustler and pilot, who are inadvertently recruited by the CIA to oversee one of the biggest covert operations in American history, are chronicled in American Made. In this global journey, tom Cruise reunites with his director from Edge of Tomorrow, Doug Liman.

Report on Minorities (2002)

Based on a short story by well-known science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, Steven Spielberg's Minority Report depicts a future as vibrant as the worlds Dick imagines for himself. In the fictional universe, people are apprehended by the police for crimes before they are even committed because of a dedicated division called the Precrime Unit.

1992's A Few Good Men

In the movie A Few Good Men, two Marines who are accused of killing a fellow member are facing a court-martial. This film, directed by the esteemed Aaron Sorkin, is among the greatest courtroom dramas ever made. Lt. Daniel Kaffee is portrayed by tom Cruise. Cruise gives his performance a certain level of intensity.

Wide-Open Eyes (1999)

Intense drama about the one-night sexually explosive adventure of a New York doctor (Tom Cruise), whose wife (Nicole Kidman) has confessed to having dreams about another man, is the subject of Stanley Kubrick's final picture. It's as chilly as it gets in a christmas film. 

Collateral in 2004

The main character of the film is Max (Jamie Foxx), a cab driver in Los Angeles with loftier goals. He meets tom Cruise's character Vincent one evening; Vincent is a hitman who forces Max to drive him around the city so he can complete his assignment. 

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