Nara lokesh, a former minister and tdp general secretary, had scheduled his padayatra from kuppam to Itchapuram for january 27, 2023. After his father chandrababu naidu leaves active politics, lokesh is the tdp leader awaiting succession. Despite his defeat in the mangalagiri Assembly elections in 2019, he remains popular with the locals, probably as a result of the close proximity to the party office there.

Now, lokesh had organised the hugely popular Padayatra to put him in the hot seat in the state before the upcoming round of general elections. There aren't many party leaders, though, to formally welcome the youthful leader to the padayatra. For various reasons, the majority of the party's senior leaders are not prepared to accept Lokesh's leadership. According to sources, the tdp chief had a meeting with the younger generations, especially the heirs of these senior leaders, after sensing this feeling among the party's senior leaders.

With Chintakayala Ajay's help, chandrababu naidu also carried the padayatra ceremony for srikakulam MP K Rammohan Naidu. To help lokesh and the team, chandrababu naidu is also enlisting several NRIs, particularly the younger ones. The teams are working on the route map and the topics to be brought up during the padayatra as lokesh intends to extend the yatra for another year. With top figures showing no interest, it will be interesting to see how chandrababu naidu makes his son's padayatra successful and how lokesh overcomes these obstacles to win.

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