An apparent relief is that the kozhikode district court in kerala apparently rejected the complaint made by Thaikkudam Bridge on the song Varaha Raoopam from Kantara. According to reports, the district court has overturned its earlier rulings prohibiting the song's creators from streaming the music. In light of this, the court decided to lift the restriction on the movie's enduring theme song. A thorough court order has not yet been released. The palakkad district of Kerala's appeal is still pending, and the decision has not yet been made.

The band Thaikkudam Bridge from kerala has already asserted that the song Varaha Roopam was lifted verbatim from their song Navarasam. The band filed a court complaint against the creators of Kantara, claiming that playing Varaha Roopam in the movie violated their copyright for the song. They also requested a restraining order to prevent this from happening (both theatrical and OTT, TVs).

It should be mentioned that the song Varaha Roopam was previously taken from amazon Prime Video, which is streaming Kantara on its platform. Another track has been added in place of the Varaha Roopam song. This decision disappointed a number of admirers.

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