tdp leader N chandrababu naidu has already urged kurnool residents to support him in the general elections of 2024 because they would be his last. His competitors and detractors mocked him on social media for pleading for one final opportunity and charging that the ysr Congress, which is in power, was turning the assembly into the Kourava Sabha. But following the extensive abuse on social media, he appears to have modified his appeal. At denduluru in the eluru district on Wednesday, chandrababu naidu told the populace that the 2024 general election would be the last opportunity for them to free the state from jagan Mohan Reddy's corrupt and criminal dictatorship.

Since the TDP's defeat in the general election of 2019, it has been speaking very poorly of the state. Rather than his adversary, the ysr Congress, the tdp launched an unwarranted campaign against the state administration. The tdp leaders ran an unhealthy campaign pretending that the state was losing badly in an effort to frighten away potential investors. The tdp chief and his party leaders targeted andhra pradesh instead of the ysr Congress, which resulted in some harm. The former chief minister now claims that the 2024 elections are the people's final opportunity, as though Naidu is the sole leader and the tdp is the only party that can preserve the state.

He also made a personal allegation, claiming jagan Mohan reddy was plotting to murder him and his son Lokesh. After the 2024 election, it will be clear whether the tdp leader is giving the populace one last chance or whether they are required to give him one. It would also be interesting to watch if his emotive speech will help him win the election because it did not in 1998 when he was the target of the Naxalites.

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