The telangana High court on friday denied Y.S. avinash Reddy's petition asking the cbi not to pursue coercive action against him in the murder case of his uncle, former andhra pradesh minister Y.S. vivekananda reddy, which was a blow for the kadapa MP. The court determined that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) may carry out its probe into the case and declined to halt further proceedings against him in the case. But, it requested that avinash Reddy, the cousin of chief minister Y.S. jagan Mohan reddy, be interviewed on camera and over audio.

On friday, Justice K. lakshman issued the order that had been reserved on Monday. The MP's request for permission to have his attorney present during the interrogation was also denied by the judge. But, he requested that the cbi permit the attorney to go so far that he cannot see avinash Reddy.

In his writ suit, avinash said that the cbi was conducting the murder probe in an unjust manner. He asserted that the cbi was aiming to implicate him as the main murderous conspirator. He also charged the cbi with violating protocol when interrogating suspects. In order to prevent the cbi from detaining him in the aforementioned case, he filed interim papers urging the court to issue a directive not to do so.

The MP's attorney claimed that the cbi was not investigating N. Rajasekhar Reddy's participation as the son-in-law of vivekananda reddy and his second wife Shamim. He disclosed to the court that in 2010, YS Viveka wed Shamim a second time. A boy was born to them. His second marriage caused a rift in Viveka's family. Conflicts over financial transactions have also occurred, the court was informed.

Suneetha reddy, the daughter of vivekananda reddy, has also entered a plea in the matter. According to her attorney, avinash Reddy made false accusations against the cbi and her in an effort to derail the investigation from its core problem. She said that avinash Reddy was the primary murderous conspirator.

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