Shocking..! insta celebrity 9-year-old girl hanged herself?

The suicide of a 9-year-old girl, known as Reels Rani, has caused a shock. Pratiksha, a 9-year-old girl from Thiruvallur district, Chennai, is famous for posting many reels of songs on Instagram. Pratiksha, a fourth-grader, is famous for releasing around 70 reels in the last six months alone. It was the neighbors who knew this kid's interest and encouraged her to make such reels. Later, due to the response to her releases, she released many videos and became famous.
At the age of 9, Pratiksha impressed everyone with her amazing talent for singing dialogues with similar facial expressions and dancing to songs for film comedy scenes. In this case, yesterday at 8 pm, Pratiksha was playing with her friends in front of her grandparent's house in the street next to her. Her parents, krishnamurthy and Karpagam, who had come there, scolded Pratiksha for playing at night and told her to go home and study. While playing with her friends, Pratiksha is in a state of depression as she is enraged at being scolded in front of everyone. They also gave the house key to the girl. Both his parents, who had gone for some work nearby, came home about an hour later, and the door of the house was locked from the inside. The girl's parents knocked on the door several times but the door was not opened. A panicked krishnamurthy breaks the bedroom window and looks inside.Then the girl was found hanging. krishnamurthy then broke the roof of the house and entered, broke the door of the bedroom, rescued the girl, and immediately took her to Tiruvallur government Hospital for treatment. Doctors gave intensive treatment to the girl but Pratiksha died at the hospital.
Also, the police came to the spot and investigated as they became suspicious as to how the 9-year-old girl committed suicide. At that time, it was found that the girl Pratiksha had hanged herself by placing a small stool in the bedroom, climbing the wire, and wrapping herself in a cloth. If the parents who had gone out had come home immediately, the girl could have been saved. But the investigation revealed that they could not save the girl as they came after an hour. Did the little girl Pratiksha commit suicide because her parents scolded her for playing with her friends and told her to study? Or did parents scold for some other reason? The police are still investigating. Scolding by parents at a young age is common. But the children and the parents must know how to handle the children that they are saying it for our benefit.

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