A father killed his daughter for going with her boyfriend. Kanna put an end to the daughter saying that their honor was burnt. The victim's brothers also helped in this. The young woman was severely tortured. Then he poured petrol and set it on fire. She stated to the police and died in the hospital.  

Everyone knows how brutal crimes are in Pakistan. This incident took place in the Gar Haraj area of Jhang district, which is 200 km away from Lahore, the capital of Pakistan. Rajab ali resides in this town. Rajab's eldest daughter is 20 years old. She fell in love with a young man from the same area. Both of them have been hunting for some time. 

Nota and Nota's father came to know about the matter. The native could not digest his daughter's love for the young man.  Her father, who knew the love matter, warned her. He gave a warning not to meet that person again. However, she could not forget her boyfriend and started dating secretly. 

One day she left the town with him . As a result, the father decided to kill her because he thought she would never change.  When the daughter came home, she was severely tortured. After that, they poured petrol on the girl and set her on fire. For this, he took the cooperation of both the young woman's brothers. 

Locals rescued her who was suffering from severe injuries and took her to the hospital. The local police reached the hospital and collected the statement. She said that her father's two brothers poured petrol on her and set her on fire because she loved him. She passed away shortly after testifying. The accused were arrested by the police.

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