A mother and her kid were subjected to abuse by a Chinese Singaporean cab driver who mistook them for Indians. The woman, a Eurasian, said that the cabbie informed her, "You are Indian, you are stupid." The event happened on saturday when the woman used the cab-hailing app Tada to make a reservation. According to a local newspaper, The Straits Times, Janelle Hoeden (46), was riding inside the taxi with her daughter, who was nine years old.

Hoeden claims that the cab driver began yelling at her and accusing her of giving him the wrong location and directions when he suddenly became irritated that a portion of the road was shut due to the building of an impending subway. The moment he said, "You are Indian, you are stupid," Hoeden began filming their conversation with the cab driver. Additionally, he claimed that Hoeden's daughter was under 135 cm tall, to which she responded that the nine-year-old was 137 cm tall. For passengers who are shorter than 135 cm in height, vehicles in singapore are obliged to carry booster seats or kid restraints.

The girl was then described as "very illegal" by the cabbie. The driver then yelled at the woman, "You are Indian(n), I'm Chinese," as he drove.The absolute worst sort is you. Hoeden then informed the cabbie that she is singapore Eurasian, not Indian. Regardless of whether the cab driver has "tanned skin, is Indian, or otherwise," Janelle Hoeden deemed her actions "unacceptable."

In response to an instagram post regarding the event, the taxi company stated that they are looking into the "issue". The business has launched a "internal investigation to fully understand the circumstances," a company spokeswoman told The Straits Times. Tada, she continued, does not, under any circumstances, support racist statements or attitudes.

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