As the unstoppable force of india confronts the immovable object of australia, an entire country clutches its collective breath. The world cup trophy is on the line. The two teams that met in the top fight in johannesburg 20 years ago, and who also happened to be the two semi-finalists that lost in the 2019 World Cup. When former india coach ravi shastri said before India's world cup 2023 opener against australia, 'there's a long way to go, but these two might be possible finals,' he couldn't have been more wrong.

Australia had lost two games in a row and appeared to be all over the place. But when it comes to the five-time champs, you ignore them at your peril. Eight consecutive victories followed, and here we are - the grand finale of a cricket world cup, to be honest, there aren't two more deserving sides than india and australia to compete for cricket's highest prize.

For a country where rugby is by far the most popular sport, the strain on Australian supporters is nothing compared to what indian fans are presently experiencing. With a knife, you could cut the tension. people are even more apprehensive than the night before a university exam. Who could blame them? There has been a 10-year wait for an ICC trophy and a 12-year wait for a World Cup. Since 2011, just two players have remained in India's squad: virat kohli and Ravichandran Ashwin. Add to it the feelings of cricket lovers in their mid-30s who were in their teens and sobbed themselves to sleep on march 23, 2003.

However, if all emotions are set aside and all concentration is focused on cricket, so much has already happened. So there was debate about the pitch - whether the final would be played on a used surface - and a prediction from Mitchell Marsh that, while made in fun, went viral. There's also the announcement that umpire richard Kettleborough will officiate the final, which is already giving supporters nightmares, and Pat Cummins declaring how happy he will be to quiet 1.3 lakh indians by winning the World Cup.

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