There is no need to talk about the sources of income of the star heroes. Earnings of crores of rupees are invested in various forms. Through them, crores of rupees are deposited in the income account every year. There are many heroes who have created business empires of thousands of crores only with the income of the movie reward and brandings. Some surveys say that bollywood hero salman Khan's annual income is more than 220 crores.

 In particular, it seems that crores are being deposited in Khan Bhai's account through nine sources of income. Apart from hero and production companies, salman is also investing heavily in start-ups. has a five percent stake. There is also an investment in Chingari, a video platform owned by On mobile Global Limited. He is the brand ambassador for it. A

lso, since 2012, he has been earning well through Being Clothing Company. It is reported that there are about 100 stores. Some of the income generated in this name is spent on social service. Also, they are running gyms in cities like Mumbai, Noida, Indore, Calcutta, Bangalore. A four storied building in Santacruz fetches huge rent.

 Its price is more than 100 crores. It earns crores annually by endorsing famous brandings. Special artist, music videos are also invested in non-fungible tokens. Through all this, Salman's annual income is more than 200 crores. But in the construction sector, Salman's expected profits are not coming. 

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