Vijay is likely to join a viral celebrity in GOAT film..!?

Vijay and venkat Prabhu's upcoming film GOAT was highly anticipated. But after Vijay's political announcement and his retirement from cinema, the talk of this film has subsided and now the expectations for Thalapathy 69 are high. So director venkat Prabhu is doing whatever he can to make GOAT go viral. This film is already being made with big stars like Prabhu Deva, Prashanth, Mike Mohan, Ajmal, and Sneha. Even when the shooting of the film starts and the work is going on in full swing, suddenly some celebrity joins the film. A big celebrity has recently joined the film GOAT.Telugu Superstar Mahesh Babu's recently released movie guntur Karam got good reviews. The song Kurchi Madathapetti featured in the film went viral in a big way. The video crossed millions of views within a few weeks of its release. Choreographer Shekhar choreographed this song. Currently, Vijay has roped in Shekhar, the choreographer of guntur Karam, for GOAT. It seems that Vijay directly talked to actor mahesh babu and brought Shekhar into the film. mahesh babu knew how to dance to some extent and Shekhar kept him dancing in the bottle. In that case, teaching Vijay to dance is like teaching a fish to swim.The shooting for the song will take place in Russia. The location has been finalized and the film team is going to russia soon. The rehearsing for the song scene has been going on for ten days at actor Vijay's house. The song is planned to be shot on a grand scale. The film team plans to make this song go viral on par with the guntur Karan song, why one step more than that.

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