On social media, ycp supporters typically resort to defending themselves by bringing up the alleged Pawan Kalyan-Paritala ravi incident. They spread false information regarding Paritala ravi slapping Pawan's head over a land settlement dispute that allegedly started between Paritala ravi and Chiranjeevi. Currently, a viral interview footage featuring analyst Chillagattu srikanth reveals the true narrative underlying the entire concocted scenario.

The analyst states in the interview that "Chiranjeevi had originally paid Rs 10 lakh to purchase 4500 square feet of land from a senior artist named Jagga Rao." This plot of property in film nagar just so happened to be next to Paritala Ravi's residence. ravi wanted to increase his protection after the car bomb incident, so his men pitched a tent on this plot of empty property that chiranjeevi had purchased.

After thereafter, chiranjeevi dispatched a mediator to resolve the conflict since Ravi's crew had pitched a tent on his property without getting his consent. Coincidentally, at the same time, Chiranjeevi's name appeared in news releases denouncing the factional bombing event. Despite being offended by this, ravi remained silent out of respect for Chiranjeevi. 

Later, after expressing to chiranjeevi his worries about security, he paid market value for the land. That is all that took place. This has nothing to do with Pawan Kalyan. The analyst stated, "He wasn't engaged in any of this. Nonetheless, this subject frequently makes headlines because anti-groups portray it as though ravi physically degraded Pawan. As the widely shared video cut shows, this is obviously a blatant distortion of the truth.

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