The official abbreviation for telangana at the state level is now "TG," as opposed to "TS," per a directive issued by the state administration on friday to all authorities. This occurred when chief minister Revanth reddy said that the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (prior TRS) had selected the 'TS' code to harmonize it with TRS, leading to an official change in Telangana's car registration code from the previous prefix.

"All state PSUs, agencies, autonomous institutions, and other government bodies' nomenclature, official documents (including letterheads, reports, notifications, etc.), signage inside and outside government offices, websites and online platforms, and any other official communication are directed to replace all references to 'TS' with 'TG,'" the notification stated. The notification issued by the state government has also sought compliance report from departments by May 31, 2024

To guarantee a smooth transition across the board, it was also recommended that the chief officials examine every government institution under their administrative jurisdiction. In particular, it was asked that TG be adopted in "all official documents," "standardization in communication," and "inventory and stationery." The state government has also requested compliance reports from agencies by May 31, 2024, through notification concerns. 

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