Will the situation of the backward districts be the same..!?

- Don't let people's hardships in these 7 districts come to the fore...!

- Jagan, Babu, who cannot ask for the guarantees of the Partition Act, even if the Center steps on it.

- Ten years passed on june 2 for the backward districts..!

The key problem in the state since time immemorial is the backward districts! There are 7 districts in total. srikakulam in Uttarandhra, Vijayanagaram, Anantapuram in Seema, Chittoor, Kadapa, Kurnool, prakasam in Kosta. The center has also declared these seven districts as backward districts. It has been two decades. Even when the state was partitioned in the middle, this matter came up for special discussion. The Center has to give funds to these districts. 

The real backward districts mean a Lack of employment for the people in those districts. The farmers not getting irrigation water. Being far behind in GDP. Citizens who are backward in per capita income. That is why these are called backward districts. It has been decided to give Rs.700 crore to each district for ten years to develop these. So far, according to the government's calculations, the total amount received is only 30-40 crores for each district. However, even those funds, the governments have not spent properly. The center has stopped giving other fundsIf the funds had actually been spent on the allocated works, the situation would have been different. Howeverlack of sincerity in the governments, allocating the respective funds to the schemes, and due to the respective districts being stuck in the grip of drought now.

The youth of those districts are going to the neighboring states, districts looking for employment. In the current situation, even if the government comes, will it help them?  Because, as mentioned in the Partition Act, the Center has said that it will help only for ten years. Those ten years will end tomorrow, june 2This makes it difficult to get help from the center. Will the situation of these backward districts be the same?   Or will there be a change? It should be seen.

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