Uppena notoriety In Tollywood, Krithi Shetty became a celebrity and went on a signing binge. However, her roles in those films didn't have much of an effect, and none of her pictures were box office successes. Krithi Shetty fell behind as new stars like sree Leela and Meenakshi Chaudhary took the front stage in the telugu film. The actress had high expectations for the recently released Manamey.
The movie fell short of expectations and did not impress the crowd. Manamey, the only telugu movie Krithi Shetty has in her collection, had her full expectations met. She hasn't signed any new projects, and the actress could have been quite shocked by Manamey's outcome. With great expectations, Krithi Shetty is working on many tamil films. As of right now, Krithi Shetty is not accepting any huge telugu offers, so we will have to wait and watch what she does in the future.
Young Vikram (Sharwanand) is unconcerned with obligations and is usually in the mood to chill. London-based Subhadra (Krithi Shetty) is a sensible young woman employed by a large corporation. They are invited to remain together in london for four months after they are forced to take care of a kind kushi due to unforeseen circumstances. Maname is all about their path, their challenges, their obstacles, and how they come to love and be loved by each other. watch Maname to learn about the history of the movie.


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