Hyderabad saw generally gloomy weather without any rain on Wednesday, even though the india Meteorological Department had issued warnings and there had been substantial rainfall in several areas of the city on Tuesday. The city is forecast to have less rainfall and a rise in warmth during the next five days. The highest temperature recorded was 32.6 degrees Celsius, which is 1.2 degrees higher than the day before and 2.5 degrees over average.

Twenty-three degrees Celsius was the lowest recorded temperature. secunderabad had the greatest maximum temperature of 37.9 degrees Celsius, while kukatpally recorded the lowest temperature of 32.3 degrees Celsius.
Hyderabad is likely to have temperatures between 32 and 34 degrees Celsius over the next two days, with little to no precipitation predicted.
In telangana, there was sporadic, isolated rainfall in districts like Suryapet, Nizamabad, Medak, Siddipet, Jangaon, and surrounding regions. The IMD states that there won't be any substantial rainfall in telangana, including hyderabad, between june 13 and june 17.

Rainfall is predicted to decline, with isolated showers in certain locations. telangana is also expected to experience an increase in temperature during this time, perhaps from 34 to 37 degrees Celsius. evening showers are predicted to offer some areas brief respite, though.

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