The responsibility on Pemmasani has increased..!?

*Pemmasani is the Union minister for the first time to win as an MP.
* Responsibilities of Pemmasani as minister of State for Rural Development.
* All the hopes of the rural people of andhra pradesh are on Pemmasani.

Pemmasani Chandrasekhar. There is nothing special to say about this name, this name has become a hot topic in andhra pradesh state politics. Pemmasani Chandrasekhar's hometown is Burripalem. Film actor krishna is also from this town. In 1993-94, Pemmasani chandrasekhar got 27th rank in MSET and got an MBBS seat at Osmania University. chandrasekhar who went to America in 2000. He taught medical education at Johns Hopkins university for five years. This made him very popular among them. He also started an organization to provide training for courses like nursing, pharmacy, law, business, and accounting. Many people have been trained by that organization. The organization runs under the name Pemmasani Foundation.
He won from the guntur Parliament seat in the recent elections. As the sitting mp Galla Jayadev left politics, the telugu desam party fielded Pemmasani chandrasekhar from this position. Pemmasani's craze increased greatly among the people as he was very rich and had leadership qualities. With this, Pemmasani won as guntur MP. Pemmasani is one of the two Ministers from TDP. Meanwhile, another one is srikakulam mp Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu who got a cabinet post.
 Everyone says that Pemmasani stood by the candidates of that party in the 2024 elections like do or die for telugu Desam Party. At present Pemmasani is the richest minister in chandrasekhar Modi's cabinet. He got the chance to become the Union minister of State for Rural Development and Communications. people are hoping to use this opportunity to bring more funds from rural development to Andhra Pradesh. Moreover, he is also knowledgeable about IT. With this, the people of andhra pradesh have put a lot of hope on Pemmasani. This increased the responsibility of Pemmasani.

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