Kalki, with her immense scope and generosity, is the upcoming star of indian film. This month's 27th is the movie's release date, and intriguing information regarding its duration has just surfaced. The movie reportedly has a runtime of 176 minutes, which is a little bit longer than average. However, the long-running time may be justifiable given that this is a huge event sci-fi thriller.

It should be noted that Nagi's last movie, mahanati, had a 2-hour and 57-minute runtime as well. In any case, mahanati solved the problem, and the run-time wasn't a problem at the time. Notably, kalki is a unique attempt at tackling futuristic subjects that have never been shown on indian screens before.

A specific amount of runtime needs to be devoted to the establishing segment for the viewers to become used to the scene and to help establish this premise and lead them on an emotional journey. To make up for the extended run-time of almost three hours, it is necessary to keep the audience mostly on the edge of their seats. Nagi will have to make sure that the audience is engaged from beginning to end, which presents a problem.
 We will have to wait and watch if Nagi can pull off the mahanati feat of allowing his story to take precedence over the lengthy runtime, as kalki has about the same runtime as Mahanati.

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