Let's live as brothers even if the states are different..!!

-  The people do not have any problems or bad intentions.
- Will revanth also follow KCR's policy?
- Will they put a lot of emphasis on public governance?

Elders said that telugu is less than the national language. Once upon a time, telugu speakers in such an india would remember only Andhra Pradesh. andhra pradesh with a population of nearly seven crores was bifurcated in 2014. telangana was separated from the state of Andhra Pradesh. As a result, telugu speakers became people of two states. But from 2014 to 2024, the then central government approved that there will be a 10-year chance to continue the city of hyderabad as the joint capital. In 2024, the connection of ap state with the capital of hyderabad was completely severed. As a result, there was no relationship between the two telugu states. But even though they are divided into states and regions, they are living together like brothers and sisters in the same family. In any company in hyderabad, there are people working from telangana on one side and Andhra region on the other. At such a time, incidents of ill-intention such as those occurring between political leaders create discord among the people. But the people do not have any problems or bad intentions. At this moment, Chandrababu's disciple revanth Reddy, who was once in the TDP, became the cm of the present state of Telangana. Guru chandrababu naidu became the cm of AP. As per the procedures of the parties, any number of criticisms can be made, but when it comes to the people, it seems that both of them have a feeling of getting along.
The people of Andhra have bonded with hyderabad, which is currently the common capital. However, many people of Andhra are living in telangana state doing jobs and doing business. CMs of both states should provide security to such people. They should stay together and promote unity among people. In the past, when kcr was the chief minister, he tried to protect his political future by frequently bringing up the reference of Seemandhras. But the current Chief Ministers of the states do not mention such things and everyone's desire is to make the people feel that all of us who are divided into states should be together as brothers and sisters. There is a feeling among many people that the two Chief Ministers will be united and solve the issues of water supply, and any other common property. But it seems that they have love inside, even if they beat each other. Some senior analysts say that if there is friendship between the two states, people will live happily without any conflict between the two states. It remains to be seen whether there will be such an alliance between the two or whether the bjp leadership will create any conflict.

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