The unfinished construction of the 390-meter-long skyway at Mehdipatnam is creating obstacles for travelers entering and exiting the city every day at one of the busiest city intersections and transportation terminals. With an investment of Rs 32.97 crore, the hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) is constructing the massive project, which intends to facilitate pedestrian traffic at the busiest intersection.

3,380 square yards of defense land next to Rythu Bazaar were turned over by the defense Ministry in January, making it easier to build an elevated elevator and staircase there. The hmda chose to accept the assignment. It was, nonetheless, held on hold. Despite the existence of a zebra crossing and lights, thousands of people still struggle to cross the road in Mehdipatnam and the Rythu Bazar neighborhood. The cops control the traffic.

A pedestrian named M Nikitha said that there has been a lot of foot traffic in the vicinity. "The lack of foot-over-bridges at bus stops along this route and the heavy traffic make it already extremely difficult for pedestrians to navigate the situation." Rush hour makes the problem worse, the speaker remarked. Another pedestrian, Abdul Rahman, remarked, "It is unfortunate that the Skywalk project has been ongoing for the past three years and is still unfinished. Since then, because of the high volume of traffic in the region, anyone crossing the inner ring road on either side runs the danger of getting into an accident. For pedestrians, the skyway may offer a convenient route. In 2021, the authorities decided to include it in their road safety measures.

Work will be Restarted by Month End - hmda Official
The pedestrian-friendly facility is being created for Rs 32.97 crore, according to a senior hmda officer. We'll pick up where we left off at the end of the month. "HMDA will finish the Skywalk for the convenience of over 50,000 pedestrians who will use it daily, and the Ministry of Defence granted work permission on the defense land," he continued.

Numerous individuals will benefit greatly from the Skywalk when it is completed since it will provide safe pedestrian mobility without requiring them to fight with the flow of traffic. The Skywalk borders the PV narasimha Rao Motorway on both sides, with commercial structures on one and defense land on the other. The Skywalk is almost 390 metres long, and features two intermediate tunnel walkways and 13 lifts, according to the HMDA.

There are five places to enter and depart it: the Raymond Showroom (Gudimalkapur Junction), the defensive complex wall, the bus bay area of Mehdipatnam, the Rythu Bazar, and the Asifnagar police station. There is 21,061.42 square feet of commercial space on the Skywalk as well, which will be used to construct stores, lounges, and escape areas.



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