MP Kalisetti: An ordinary worker who believed in TDP..!!

- Babu who made an ordinary worker an MP.
- Kalisetti's political career started very modestly in the telugu Desam Party.
- Kalisetti's desire is to step into the assembly and preside at least once.

This time, among those elected to parliament on behalf of the telugu desam party from Andhra Pradesh, there are also the most ordinary workers of the party. Finally, Chandrababu also addressed that common worker who won as mp and asked if he had a flight ticket to go to Delhi. Moreover, the fact that the ordinary worker belongs to the bc social class, it should be said that the craze is more proof of the party's hold in BC. That common worker stepping into the parliament is something that every telugu person should be proud of. Who is that MP? vizianagaram mp Kalisetti Appalanaidu. In fact, Kalisetti's political career started very modestly in the telugu Desam Party.
Sometime in 2003, when Chandrababu was the chief minister of the united states of AP, etcherla served as the chairman of the AMC. Since then, Kalisetti has been waiting for a politically correct opportunity. 20 years have passed in between. assembly elections were also held four times. Kalisetti's desire is to step into the assembly and preside at least once. The state was partitioned. elections were held twice. Kalisetti was looking for the right opportunity but the opportunity did not come. In 2019, the party lost badly. At such a time no one dared to come out and hold the party flag. At such a time, Kalisetti carried the flag in the Echcherla constituency and returned to the village to survive the party. Everyone thought that Appalanaidu would definitely get the mla ticket from Etcherla. In the middle, there were many insults from some leaders of the party. Appalanaidu has ruined all of them.

When the party was in power, lokesh and Chandrababu came into the limelight when the party workers were trained in Uttar Andhra. Both of them felt that Appalanaidu had something for the future needs of the party. That's why Chandrababu gave a single ticket to the vizianagaram Parliament. Even when Appalanaidu was given the mp ticket, many mocked him as a sure-to-lose seat. Appalanayudu, who has won such a parliamentary seat with a huge majority of 2.38 lakh votes, is proudly entering the parliament. Where can an ordinary worker who believed in tdp and worked for 20 years get more honor than this?

Appalanaidu was born in the midst of struggles. He fought as a small person to stop the illegal mining on Kannedhara Hill in the backward remote tribal areas of the srikakulam district. Then when the Kannedhara struggle escalated, he fought against the ruling congress party leaders and got the illegal mining lease canceled. Appalanaidu's fight against illegal mining on Kannedhara Hill really inspired many common people in srikakulam district. In any case, Appalanaidu's life is a great example that those who believe in the telugu desam party and fight will have life forever. Appalanaidu will now have to play a key role in raising funds by fighting with Rammohan Naidu, who is the Union minister in the parliament, for several projects in crucial Andhra.

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