Will Byreddy Shabari succeed in meeting people's expectations..!?

*Baireddy Shabari is responsible for developing Nandyas.
* Will Shabari mention Nandyal's problems in Parliament?
* Will Shabari succeed in meeting people's expectations?

Byreddy Shabari, a radiologist by profession, became an mp at the age of 40. However, the residents of the district are commenting that Byreddy Shabari is responsible for changing the appearance of Nandyal. nandyala district in the state of andhra pradesh has remained far away from development. Even though the district is named after nandyala, the residents of the district feel that there has been no development at the district level. Along with the bus stand and railway station, development is to be done in terms of roads. There are no significant industries in the district but no employment opportunities for the youth. Information is being received that steps are being taken towards development in some sectors in the district.
Byreddy Shabari's family has decades of political experience. It is known that Byreddy Shabari's grandfather also worked as an MLA. In the background of the district residents giving an opportunity to Byreddy Shabari, Nandyala's issues should be mentioned in the parliament and Shabari should take steps towards getting justice. Byreddy Shabari joined the tdp in march this year and won the mp ticket for the first time and was in the news.
Saying that my victory is the victory of nandyala parliament, Byreddy Shabari became a game changer in the election of Nandyala. It is known that the alliance has made a clean sweep in all the constituencies of nandyala district. No one expected such kind of results in the nandyala district. Getting results that did not meet the expectations was also a plus for Byreddy Shabari. We will have to wait for a few more months to know whether Byreddy Shabari will succeed in meeting the expectations of the people.

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