Why do we celebrate World cancer Day? History...

What day of the year is World cancer Day? Let us inform you that february 4th is World cancer Day in case you're interested in learning more. The reason for marking World cancer Day has been explained here, along with its history and significance.

Every year on february 4, people around the world observe World cancer Day in an effort to raise awareness of its prevention, early detection, and treatment. World cancer Day was first observed in 2008 by the Union for international cancer Control. To lessen cancer-related disease and fatalities is the main objective of World cancer Day.

History Of World cancer Day

Cancer is one of the major causes of death worldwide, according to the World health Organization. The Union for international cancer Control (UICC), a membership-based organisation, was established in Geneva in 1993 with the goal of eradicating cancer globally and advancing medical research. Under its direction, the first international cancer Day was put together in Geneva, Switzerland, that same year. At the inaugural World cancer Summit in 2000, World cancer Day was created. Following this, World cancer Day was first observed in 2008 as a result.

Significance Of World cancer Day

The impact of cancer on the world is discussed on World cancer Day. 

It acts as a vehicle for highlighting the importance of early detection and treatment to stop the loss of priceless human lives. The day also serves as a call to action for people, organisations, and governments to work together to lessen the harmful effects that cancer has on people, families, and communities all across the world.

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