Gold Rate Today | The price of gold rose at the beginning of July.. Do you know how much?

Gold has always held a significant place in indian culture and traditions for centuries. But today, gold has also emerged as a popular investment avenue in India. The country has a long-standing affinity for this precious metal and it plays a crucial role in the country's economic landscape. Gold rates in the city have been highly volatile and it is possible that we might see additional volatility as and when policies across the globe remain volatile. It is only when you buy on declines that can you make money from the precious metal.

There has been no change in jewellery prices since the beginning of July.

Yesterday, on July 1st, the price of gold remained the same without any change, but today it has risen significantly.

Today, on July 2, the price of 22-carat gold rose by Rs.5 per gram to Rs.6,690 per gram, and Rs.40 per gram rose to Rs.53,520 per gram.

Similarly, 18-carat gold prices rose by Rs 4 per gram to Rs 5,480 per gram and sawan rose by Rs 32 to Rs 43,840 per sawan.

Silver prices also increased by 80 paise per gram to Rs 95.50 per gram and Rs 95,500 per kg.

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