These 4 blood tests predict diabetes to heart attack...P2

These 4 blood tests will provide information ahead of time on everything from diabetes to heart attacks, saving lives in the process. The doctor first suggests blood tests as a way to identify illnesses in the body. All illnesses that are present in the body can be found using a blood test.

Basic Metabolism Panel BMP

In the basic metabolic panel test, 8 compounds can be detected in the blood. In these, calcium to sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, chloride, blood uric nitrogen and creatinine are detected. Not only this, it tells the complete condition from diabetes to kidney and hormone imbalance.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel -CMP

Everything related to the metabolic panel remains in CMP. Apart from these, conditions ranging from total protein, alkaline phosphatase, and bilirubin to diabetes, kidney, cirrhosis, cancer, hormone imbalance, liver damage, bile blockage, Paget's disease, heart condition and gallstone, hepatitis, Gilbert's syndrome can be seen. When there is cancer in the body, the marker protein starts accumulating in the blood. It is tracked to cancer. Although more tests are done to confirm it completely.

Lipid panel

A lipid panel is also called a lipid profile test. It can detect all the infections and problems in the heart. Following a blood test, specific proteins and other compounds released by the heart into the blood are revealed. These mainly include cholesterol. Good and bad cholesterol is detected in this test.

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