Air pollution also causes lung Cancer...

By eating healthy food, eating fruits, doing workouts, you might be thinking that you are taking full care of your health, but are you missing something very important? 

What does research say?

According to research by the Francis Crick Institute, in 2019, more than three lakh lung cancer deaths worldwide were due to air pollution. This research was done on 40 thousand people. In the research, scientists found that in areas where the amount of PM 2.5 was high, the rate of other types of cancer was also high. PM 2.5 are tiny particles present in the air, which when inhaled can cause inflammation in the lungs, which can lead to cancer. These tiny particles can prove to be poison. 

6000 people die every year in Britain

Research has found that about 6000 people who have never smoked die every year due to lung cancer in the UK. However, it is not that smoking does not cause lung cancer. Smoking is considered to be the biggest cause of lung cancer. But air pollution is also an important cause of this disease.

Pollution is a big problem in India, in such a situation, how to protect yourself from lung cancer or any other serious disease due to air pollution, this question comes in everyone's mind. What did AIIMS doctor Anant Mohan say on this, let's know -

1. pollution is more in the morning and evening, so instead of exercising in the open, it is better to do it indoors.

2. Take steps at your level to reduce pollution, farmers should not burn stubble, people should also try to reduce the use of vehicles.

3. Do not smoke, do not use tobacco

4. Avoid going to high pollution areas

5. If you go to an area where pollution is high, then go with a mask.

6. Do not be careless if you see any kind of symptoms, go to the doctor immediately

What are the symptoms of lung cancer?

 1. Bleeding from the mouth when coughing

 2. Weight Loss

 3. Chest pain

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