Weight Increase cancer Risk: Do not ignore obesity...P2

Lose weight to prevent cancer

Obesity leads to the risk of cancer. To avoid it, it is very important to maintain proper weight. Also, keep your diet healthy. To prevent increasing weight and cancer, we should reduce weight and maintain it.

Exercise for half an hour

Whenever you get time in the whole day, do physical work for half an hour. By doing physical work, it protects from both cancer and obesity. It can also be started by walking fast. When you start getting fit then increase your intensity.

Avoid excess calories and sugar

While reducing weight, we should not eat high-calorie food, also we should stay away from fast food and sweet drinks. Processed food and sweets like chips and candy bars should be excluded from the diet.

Eat plant-based food

Fruits and vegetables can be eaten at least 4 to 5 times throughout the day. Along with this, unprocessed grains should also be consumed daily in the diet. fruits and vegetables have a good amount of fibre and other nutrients are also good, their calories are also very less.

Follow these tips too

Don't eat red meat or processed meat.

Don't drink alcohol.

Reduce salt in food.

Do not use supplements. Instead, eat healthy foods.

Make sure to give enough breast milk to the newborn as well.

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