National Productivity Day : All you need to know!!!

Every year, india observes National Productivity Day to mark the establishment of the National Productivity Council (NPC). Raising national awareness of the need to increase productivity is the NPC's main objective. The celebrations aim to raise public awareness of productivity, efficiency, and innovation. On National Productivity Day, individuals can begin establishing constructive routines that will increase output and heighten consciousness of the part productivity plays in improving quality of life overall. Today, productivity must be demonstrated as a notion that considers quality, human resource development, and environmental challenges in addition to being a way to increase output.

Date and theme of National Productivity Day

Every year on february 12, National Productivity Day is honored as a central event of indian Productivity Week, which takes place from february 12 to february 18. Every year, a new theme is adopted to commemorate the day. This year's subject is "Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Productivity Engine for Economic Growth." It draws attention to how important AI is in boosting a nation's productivity and economic prosperity. In contrast, "Productivity, Green Growth, and Sustainability: Celebrating India's G20 Presidency" was the topic for 2023.

The history of National Productivity Day

The Ministry of Commerce and industry established the National Productivity Council, a self-governing body, in 1958. The NPC was established on National Productivity Day, which also serves as a reminder of the importance of productivity, efficiency, and creativity. The national institution was established with the goal of promoting a productivity culture in India.

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