Jathi Ratnalu helped naveen polishetty establish himself as a promising new star. He is returning with a new comic caper, and this time he will be starring alongside anushka Sharma. In the most recent video that the producers have shared, we see naveen engaging in a lighthearted chat with an anushka poster. This video serves to announce the arrival of tomorrow's title announcement. For the movie, naveen comes up with some amusing titles like "Devasena Nee Manasulu Unnadi Nenena" and "Sweety too Evadee cute." 

This is purely for amusement. Tomorrow will see the release of the full title announcement. This amusing commercial paves the way for the same. uv creations and mahesh babu P are responsible for the comedic caper's production. Tomorrow, the title poster will be released along with the cast.

Anushka Shetty, the stunning star of Baahubali, paired up with Gen-X actor naveen polishetty for an odd love comedy. The movie was revealed in december of the previous year. Yet the movie has now encountered an unanticipated obstacle. According to rumours, this movie's plot is uncannily similar to the recently released swathi Muthyam, which stars Bellamkonda Ganesh and varsha Bollamma.

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