Vijayendra Prasad, the father of rrr author SS rajamouli, commented on Naatu Naatu's oscar victory. He advised people to search our culture for tales, and rrr is living proof of that. The author also stressed that his long-held goal of being famous in hollywood had been accomplished. He made it clear that he doesn't care whether he is ignored.

Vijayendra Prasad, a writer, responded to Naatu Naatu's significant victory by saying, "I had long desired that our films would become popular in Hollywood. Despite having such great information, we were never really able to expand outside of India. The fact that our movie made it to the Oscars and took home a prize represents a major victory for the whole indian film industry. Because we have finally been able to display the richness of talent we have, our entire cinema community should and should rejoice in this glorious time. There is such a large market there."

"My son rajamouli occasionally asks me in what ways india is the richest country in the world. I explain to him that storytelling is what makes our nation so rich. The renowned director Steven Spielberg advised my son to never compromise on our tradition of storytelling during their meeting. We will be making a sequel to rrr, "And prasad stated.

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