Das Ka Dhamki, a comic action thriller from Vishwak Sen, will be released soon. The movie was both produced and directed by him. Vishwak shared some juicy plot elements with our team during a private conversation. Even though everyone was impressed by the trailer, many people noticed similarities between the movie and Gopichand's Goutam Nanda, Megastar's Rowdy Alludu, and other movies. 

According to Vishwak Sen, his film may appear to be similar to other movies from the trailer, but once the audience sees it, they would be shocked to find a totally different movie because the teaser did not reveal the primary conflict. According to Vishwak Sen, the movie's first half will contain all the usual entertainment material, but after the intermission, the plot would radically change, shocking the audience. Nobody will predict it, and as a result, the movie will become an exciting thriller that will blow viewers' minds.

The story and script for the movie were written by prasanna Kumar Bezawada, who is currently enjoying popularity thanks to ravi Teja's Dhamaka's box office triumph. The movie is releasing on telugu New Year and nivetha thomas does the female lead role in this comical action flick.

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