At Alanna Panday's wedding, Pandit ji mistakenly called her husband's name 'Inder', watch the funny video

Recently, a new video from the wedding of models Alana Panday and Ivor McCray has surfaced on social media and it has taken everyone by surprise. 

Actress ananya Panday's cousin Alanna Panday is a social media influencer. She married her boyfriend Ivor McCrae on 16 march 2023 in Mumbai. They were in a relationship for a long time and finally, they decided to seal the deal

Alana and Ivar's wedding was nothing short of a fairytale. Alana had chosen an all-white outfit by designer manish Malhotra for the wedding and everything at the wedding was very beautiful. Recently, a new video from their wedding has surfaced on social media, which has taken everyone by surprise.

Alana Pandey and Ivor McCrae's wedding video 

In the new video of Alana Pandey's wedding that surfaced on social media, the love birds are seen performing their wedding rituals sitting in the mandap. The pandit can be heard chanting and performing the marriage. During the ceremony, Panditji mistakenly addressed Ivar as Inder. On this Alana and the whole family started laughing out loud. The pundit said in Hindi, "We have gathered here to see the marriage of Alana and Inder." However, Alana's mother Dianna told Panditji and then he took the correct name.

Ananya is also seen standing next to Alana with her family. This video has been shared by 'Wedding Designers' on Instagram. The post read, "This wedding was all kinds of love, laughter, and heart. Thank you @alannapanday @ivor for the love, and hugs and for choosing us as your wedding designers @thea3project @deannepanday for the way you have Pandit Ji Inder No corrected Ivar, he liked it a lot."

There was a lot of dance at Alana's wedding

Alana and Ivar enjoyed pre-wedding celebrations before the wedding. Everything in their ceremony was fun. ananya was seen grooving to the song 'Saat Samundar Paar' along with her father Chunky Panday and brother Ahaan Panday. Within no time this video went viral on the internet. Even Shah Rukh Khan and gauri khan were seen dancing to the song by ap Dhillon. 

In a video, Alana is seen thanking superstar Shah Rukh for attending her wedding. Ivar danced to the Oscar-winning song 'Naatu Naatu' along with his groom squad and impressed everyone with his dancing skills. Alana Pandey wore a champagne shimmer dress by Falguni Shane Peacock for the reception,

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