Because of the insensitive, politically motivated, and crude statements he makes and the films he creates, even some actors who have become stars thanks to his work or some of his assistant directors who have become cult filmmakers will currently refuse to recognize him. Then again, MM keeravani is on his side.

Director ram Gopal varma, who was once a legend, gradually undid his fine work with his subpar movies, remarks, and posts. The statements of Oscar-winning composer MM keeravani, however, actually stunned the filmmaker, who expressed his utter disbelief. In a recent interview, keeravani disclosed that the oscar he recently received for Naatu Naatu is his second Oscar; ram Gopal varma was the subject of his first win.

"Nearly 51 directors, producers, and other people rejected my demo cassette, and half of them might have discarded my work without even hearing it. ram Gopal varma, however, was the one who heard it and offered me Kshana Kshanam, my first break. Many people signed me after RGV chose me, believing that I must be a brilliant composer because varma wouldn't have chosen me otherwise. He, therefore, receives my first oscar, keeravani added in his interview. Without a doubt, varma was quite good at detecting talent back then.

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