The reputation of ram gopal varma as a director had long since vanished. His supporters used to give him some reach on social media because of his occasionally strange but rational views. But now that he has come clean about being a tdp troll working for the YSRCP, that reach is also gone. He targeted Lokesh, Pawan Kalyan, and chandrababu naidu as part of an agenda, and some of the people who had previously liked and shared his posts have also distanced themselves.

In his first interview following his oscar victory, oscar winner MM keeravani recently chatted with renowned writer Baradwaj Rangan. MM keeravani remembered during the conversation how RGV provided him the opportunity to compose the music for Kshana kshanam in the early 1990s. keeravani claimed that Shiva's director, ram gopal varma, provided me the opportunity to collaborate with him. RGV could have chosen any actor in the business after scoring the massive success Shiva early in his career, but he went with keeravani for Kshana Kshanam.

According to keeravani, many people in the industry eventually provided him opportunities because they believed RGV believed in him. My first oscar was so given to him by RGV. My second oscar is the one I received in the United States. ram gopal varma is currently self-promotional on social media by posting this excerpt from the interview video. After many years, a well-known celebrity has complimented Ramu, and he is attempting to boost his brand by using Keeravani's remarks. However, people have already forgotten about RGV, and they don't seem to give a damn about this once-promising visionary who has now been reduced to nothing more than a troll.

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