Powerstar Mega After RRR, ram charan has become a major star. He now has the responsibility of maintaining his newfound reputation. But when he first began out, things weren't exactly rosy. His first film, Chirutha, did ok commercially. Despite praise for his dancing, he received criticism for his unattractive appearance and average ability. Of all the famous youngsters, he received the most criticism.

His performance in Magadheera, however, was credited to SS Rajamouli. He kept going with subpar movies like nayak and Rachha. He used to receive criticism for lacking a dedicated fanbase and for having followers who were merely chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan's supporters. He attempted to make his bollywood début with Zanjeer, but the film failed miserably. Then Sukumar's rangasthalam occurred, which altered all of his detractors' viewpoints. With his portrayal of the mute Chitti Babu, he absolutely crushed it. There was no turning back once people began to consider him seriously as an actor.

Following the occurrence of RRR, the rest is history, as they say. He is currently regarded as one of Tollywood's pan-Indian icons. He wed upasana Kamineni, one of the Apollo Hospital owners, and together they are now known as Tollywood's "it" couple. Both in hyderabad and Mumbai, they have been socially busy since their marriage. They have launched businesses like Trujet airlines and hyderabad Polo Riding Club, a polo squad.

Ram Charan is a warm, spiritual individual with a friendly demeanour. While filming for RRR, he is rumoured to have assisted a Ukrainian security, demonstrating his charitable side. His upcoming filmography looks very good as well. It is anticipated that his efforts in Shankar's movie and Buchi Babu Sana's movie will elevate him to the next level.

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