Could not make a good movie..!? Akhil's open letter..?

Agent movie is directed by stylish director Surender Reddy, sakshi Vaidya appeared as the female lead in the film, while malayalam megastar mammootty played the lead role. There was a huge hype about this movie before the release. It was released on april 28 and got a flop talk. In fact, the entire team worked hard on this movie for almost three years, but the result was disappointing. He went on vacation to dubai for refreshments. akhil has now spoke on this same issue and thanked his fans for all their support. In the same order, he posted a note through his twitter handle saying that he would like to express his heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the cast and crew of 'Agent' movie who dedicated their lives to bringing their film to life. They tried to give their level best. But unfortunately, the film didn't translate to the screen the way they wanted it to. Due to this, they could not present a good film for all.

In the same post, akhil also thanked his Agent movie producer Anil, who was his biggest and a very huge supporter. He thanked them wholeheartedly, saying that the love and energy shared by all of them was what made him work. Moreover, akhil ended by saying that he will come back even more stronger for all those who believe in him.

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