When giving a speech to amuse his followers a few months back, Nandamuri balakrishna caused a fresh issue. He accidentally said the incorrect thing about Akkineni. In a statement they made, naga chaitanya and akhil akkineni denounced and expressed disgust with Balayya's remarks. Following this occurrence, it was assumed that boundaries had been created between the Nandamuri and Akkineni families and that their differences were now insurmountable.
But today, naga chaitanya joined the grandly staged centennial celebrations of the venerable telugu actor Sr. ntr at Kaithalapur Grounds in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. In actuality, the event took place in a positive atmosphere. balakrishna graciously accepted naga Chaitanya's greeting and gave him a warm welcome. chandrababu naidu and Chay exchanged hugs and kind words. He praised ntr in great detail.

The fact that Chay attended the occasion demonstrated that both sides' supporters had constructed a hill out of a mole. It demonstrates that, even if there were any minor issues, they had been resolved and there was no animosity between the two tribes. balakrishna made a nice gesture by inviting the Akkineni family, and naga Chaitanya's poised bearing and excellent speech regarding ntr were even more admirable.

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