In the movie business, major actors and actresses have greater power than producers or directors, and moviemakers frequently have to go by their requests. A well-known filmmaker is now developing a movie with a male protagonist and two great actresses. He is now editing the screenplay to include more scenes for one of the heroines. In a movie, the major female lead is played by a well-known actress and a young, upcoming actress.

The part offered the young actress a huge chance for her career, therefore she happily accepted it. But during the past six months, everything has changed. While the other actress' attractiveness has waned, the renown and popularity of the young actress have skyrocketed. It appears that the young actress now wants a more significant and clearly defined part in the movie. As a result, the script has undergone certain alterations, including the insertion of a song.

But that is not where the narrative ends. The older actress will probably make her own demands once she learns of these events. After years of being the director's favourite, she is suddenly forced to compete with this talented and endearing young woman. What exact requests the senior actress would make will have to be seen in the future.

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