It is a known fact that many celebrities have praised her for saying that the heroine looks like rambha who is really in heaven to see Rambha. comedy films are named after director EVV Satyanarayana.

Rambha's real name is Vijayalakshmi. For the first time, EVV Satyanarayana changed her name to rambha and gave her a chance in the film industry. rambha has received special acclaim.

rambha, who was well known as a hot girl in her first film, soon became a star heroine in tamil, Kannada, telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Hindi, Bhojpuri and English. rambha, who has since starred in all-star hero movies, has been recognized as a superstar heroine.

The muse, who has acted with all the heroes from rajendra prasad to megastar chiranjeevi, has acted with all the heroes in tamil from Vineet to superstar Rajinikanth.

In Hindi, she has acted with star heroes like Anil Kapoor, Vinod Khanna, salman khan, Govinda, Midhun Chakraborty. After the telugu movie donga Sachinollu, she married Indrakumar Padmanabhan, who was completely away from the film industry.

Recently, she shared some photos of herself on social media, which are now going viral on social media and her fans are posting 'Come Back Rambha'.

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