It is natural to have successors in the film industry. It would be great for those family fans to see two heirs from such an okay family perform together. Not only in the telugu film industry but also in other film industries there are some heroes who belong to the same family. So surya and karthi are the reassuring heroes in the tamil film industry. Now there is a good craze in telugu for those who are top heroes.

 All the movies they have acted in have been released in telugu as well and have been entertaining the audience a lot. Thus, the news that the two are going to act in the telugu movie Bhimla nayak starring pawan kalyan is now circulating on social media. Sagar Chandra is directing the movie starring pawan kalyan and rana daggubati as the heroes while trivikram is working as the writer for the movie. The film, which is being released as a remake of the malayalam film Ayyapanum Koshiyam, has undergone a lot of changes to suit the telugu nativity and is being screened differently to the original film, taking only the Iti circle.

However, the two tamil brothers who liked the story of the film want to make this film as heroes. In fact the two heroes have been making a lot of efforts to make a movie together ever since. It is the hope of the tamil fans as well as the telugu audience. However it was postponed as the story was never found properly. After learning about the story of the film recently, surya is very much looking forward to do the film. karthi also has a chance to speak her mind on this. If it's okay then the fans' dream of starring in a reunion of these two brothers seems to have come true.

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