Multiplex chains inspired by National cinema Day giving you a chance to watch movies for just Rs 75, reduced ticket prices from september 26 to september 29

National cinema Day was organized across the country on 23 september by the Multiplex Association of india (MAI). During this, the ticket for watching the film in the cinema hall was kept at only Rs 75. Due to the low ticket price of Rs 75 kept on the occasion of National cinema Day, a large number of cinematographers came to see the film in the theatres. But as it was expected that people would buy more and more tickets due to low ticket prices and the shows would become house full, it did not happen.

So now the exhibitors have given one more chance to the people who have not been able to take advantage of this golden chance. A reliable source has told bollywood Hungama, "Inspired by the blockbuster success of National cinema Day, multiplexes have decided to extend the celebrations. Though now you won't get tickets for Rs.75 yes you can watch the movie in theatres. This offer from Multiplex will resume from monday 26th september and will continue till thursday 29th September.”

Earlier, the new multiplex chain MovieMax announced on its official instagram handle that the ticket price will start from Rs 70. At the same time, in some theaters, they will get tickets for just Rs 100, that too on Saturday, 24 september and Sunday, 25 September.

Puneet Gupta, AVP – corporate Communications, INOX Leisure Limited, exclusively confirmed the news to bollywood Hungama saying, “Tickets for general seats at all INOX multiplexes from monday to thursday will be available at flat Rs.112.” Cinepolis india CEO Devang Sampat also said, “Our tickets will cost up to Rs 100 including tax.” The source added, “Tickets are expected to be in the range of Rs 100-112 for normal screens at PVR Cinemas as well.”

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